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on 16-17 March 2018 in the "Tishinka" exhibition centre. Follow to Moscow, Tishinskaya sq., 1, building 1.
"Spa & Preventative Medical Tourism from Russia"
Russia's leading specialised Spa and Preventative Medical Tourism exhibition directly targeting consumers plus agents and facilitators. The Moscow SpaShow is a professional B2C event with highly targeted advertising bring Spa, Preventative & Alternative Medical Treatment providers into direct contact with potential Russian clients.

Welcome to the Moscow SPASHOW
on 16-17 March 2018

Exhibition venue. "Tishinka" exhibition centre Russia, Moscow, Tishinskaya sq., 1, building 1

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About Moscow SPASHOW

The number of Russian's now actively seeking spa & health treatment abroad rose 47% in the last year making it one of the fastest growing sectors worldwide. It is now reputedly estimated that more than 70,000 affluent Russians travel each year for spa, wellness and preventative medicine abroad spending in excess of US$.1 billion annually.

There are many reasons for this. Firstly the Russian economy continues to improve with the result that the growing middle and upper class have disposable income and are eager to improve their health/wellbeing. Facilities within Russia, whilst improving, continue to be limited and coupled with the long winters, more and more Russians each year opt for spa, wellness and preventative treatment abroad.

"Spa, Wellness and Preventative tourism continues to increase in popularity in Russia due to the many benefits that are associated with receiving treatment abroad"

The Moscow SPASHOW 29&30 September 2017 is the only specialised B2C event in Moscow that brings you into direct contact with potential Russian clients. Our highly targeted marketing and promotions attract a high quality visitor actively seeking information and consultations on Spa, Wellness and preventative medicine abroad.

Our venue is central, convenient and the size perfectly suited to a professional B2C event. We provide a standard shell scheme stand that offers the opportunity for decorations, privacy when speaking with potential clients and alleviates the need for expensive custom build stands.

The Moscow SPASHOW is an effective professional B2C event that will bring you in direct contact with your target audience - affluent Russians looking for Spa, Wellness and preventative treatment abroad.

Who should participate?

- Spa, Health & wellness resorts
- Preventative Treatment centres
- Rehabilitation centres
- Weight loss centres
- Medical Holiday package providers
- Dental centres
- Alternative medical/lifestyle providers

Who will you meet at the Moscow SPASHOW?

With 14 years experience in organising specialised B2C shows in Russia our experience of creating highly targeted advertising campaigns ensures substantial numbers of high quality visitors. We employ specialised demographics, based on our experience ensuring that our promotions are highly targeted and effective. A cross section of the visitors that you will meet will include:-
- Upper middle class with high disposable income
- All will be home/multi-home owners
- Highly placed executives or Company owners
- Specialised agency professionals looking for business contact

The Moscow SPASHOW is organised by the aiGroup a specialised company with 14 years experience in organising highly targeted B2C events. Our effective principals are:-

- We use a convenient, central Moscow venue
- Venue ideally suited to a professional B2C event
- We provide standard, pre-constructed fully inclusive stands
- We provide a high level of services to our participants to ensure the maximum benefit
- We guarantee substantial numbers of high quality visitors

The Moscow SPASHOW is a highly concentrated event designed to provide International suppliers with an opportunity to meet directly with a specific audience looking for Spa/Wellness and alterative treatment outside of Russia. It provides an opportunity for our participants to promote their services and make in-depth initial contacts. Our targeted advertising ensures high quality visitors specifically looking for information on treatments abroad, in a calm professional atmosphere.

For your convenience, we offer standard 3x2 meter professionally equipped stands enabling our participants to come to sell and not to have to worry about organisational issues. We can assist with stand decorations, stand assistants and even Interpreters. If your offers are not printed in Russian we can have professional translations made for you, printed and delivered to your stand. Our recommended travel company can assist with hotel accommodation, transfers and visas. We do our best to take the strain out of participating!

Standard equipment on a 3x2 meter stand includes:-

- Side and back walls from white laminate
- Electrical connection
- Power socket(European plug)
- 2 Spot lights
- 1 Table + 4 chairs
- Fascia panel with company name and country
- Entries in electronic and printed catalogues

The price for a fully equipped 3x2 meter stand is Euro.2,750.- (multiple stands available on request)

Space at the Moscow SPASHOW is strategically limited to enable our participants to gain the maximum benefit rom the client/participant ratio. Book now to guarantee your space at Russia's premier B2C Spa & Wellness exhibition - Moscow SPASHOW.

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